Introducing Brooke & Tom Kelsey, and the Robinson House!

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Brooke and Tom met while attending University of Michigan. Brooke is from Saginaw, MI and Tom is from Bay Village, OH. After college, they moved out to San Francisco together! We started working together in December of '07 while they were on the hunt for a unique locations in Cleveland. We went to art galleries and museums, and eventually decided on a private mansion that my friends Kathy and Michael own. Kathy is an artist and has the most amazing collection of her own and other's artwork you can imagine. She did a special display for this wedding of her own, but guests also got to enjoy the largest collection of Frederick Hart sculptures, displayed throughout their front and back yard.

We designed the wedding with a French cafe and wine theme in mind. I think it turned out to be absolutely beautiful, especially since I personally love the color red! And Brooke was the absolute cutest, don't you agree?

This wedding took place on Saturday, September 13. Our original plans called for holding the ceremony outside and Brooke walking down the circular tower staircase. It was raining all day long, and my team and I were SOAKED while setting up, so we planned on our "rain back-up plan", and we were set up for it. At 5:30pm, the rain had held off for an hour, the radar was clear, and Brooke and Tom asked me if we can hold it outside. With all of the catering staff and groomsmen's help, we moved EVERYTHING outside (chairs, decor, string trio, cocktail tables, etc.). with 10 minutes to spare, everyone remained calm and happy (including me) and it went off perfectly.

It was an absolutely beautiful ceremony. It was truly one of those magical wedding moments that are impossible for a human to create, they just happen on their own. Tom, the groom, told us at the end of the night that 5 people told him it was the BEST wedding they had ever attended! I agree.

Congratulations Brooke and Tom! I can't wait for you to move to Cleveland so we can go to dinner and hang out!

These beautiful images were taken by Kimberly Potterf. Kim and I were Alpha Gamma Delta sorority sisters at OU together and reconnected within the past year through the wedding industry! Check out her work - it's fabulous! I was so happy to work with her and can't wait for more weddings to come!

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Kirkbrides has been nominated for the Best Wedding Planner in Cleveland for 2008 on the Fox Cleveland hotlist! If you would be so kind, I would really appreciate it if you would take the time to vote!

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Preview from September 13 French Cafe themed wedding below... If we get more votes soon, I'll post the rest!

August 31 Wedding: Natasha & Ron

I worked on planning every single detail of this wedding with Ron and Natasha (who live in Columbus) and their wonderful parents. We discovered that we shared mutual friends and I got to spend time with some familiar faces over the extravagant weekend! Anyone who knows Ron can understand when I say that he is one of the most entertaining clients I have ever had, and I feel extremely confident in my abilities now after pulling off a wedding that he was very happy with! I do have to also mention how stunning Natasha looked. I didn't stop hearing comments about how beautiful she looked the entire day and night. I can't wait until they move back to Cleveland so we can hang out!

My good friends at Easywind Studio, were the photographers, and provided me with all of these images from the amazing day. I have to say that everything went off without a hitch and it was one of the most beautiful, lively and FUN weddings I have ever done! Because both families are from Russia, we designed the wedding with a loose Russian Ice theme, noting the white and silver accents and the ice sculpture setup at the caviar station.

A big thank you goes out to my wonderful friends Bernie and Andy at Grande Designs for all of their hard work throughout the day and night in making the wedding chuppah and flowers look so beautiful.

A little background on Ron and Natasha:
Natasha was born in Zhdanov, Ukraine. When she was five years old she and her parents immigrated to the United State traveling through Austria and Italy. On their way to the United States, they encountered a friend of the Ron's father, who requested that they pass along a package.

When they arrived in Cleveland, they looked up Ron's father to give him the parcel. Natasha was just 6 years old and Ronald was 9 the first time they met.

In 1996, Natasha's mom completed her Residency and and joined Ron's father's private practice internal medicine group. The families celebrated by going to dinner together yet Ron and Natasha did not know yet what was to come.

Finally, on December 24, 2003, Ron's mother invited Natasha to attend a family dinner to thank her for her hard work while Natasha interned at her dermatology practice. Little did Natasha know, but Ronald was home for Winter Break after his first semester of Law School and was also invited to attend dinner that evening. That same evening Natasha fell in love with Ronald’s beautiful blue eyes and confident persona. Likewise, Ronald was drawn to Natasha’s smile and easygoing personality.

After dinner, Ronald invited Natasha out to ZaZa, the only bar open on Christmas Eve. After a few drinks, the couple’s chemistry was even more apparent…and the rest is history!!!

Lastly, I received this e-mail from Natasha a few days after her wedding:


You were a part of the most important weekend our our lives! We just wanted to take an opportunity to thank you for your hard work.

Our wedding was absolutely amazing and we couldn't have done it without you. The vendors were all amazing....we are in rome now! We return to cleveland september 12th and I hope to give you a call that weekend to thank you over the phone.
We are thrilled!!!!! thank you so much....truly from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

ron and tash