The Black Tux - A Wedding Guest Attire Guide

Friday, April 14, 2017 2 comments
Congratulations! You’ve just been invited to a wedding of a very special loved one or friend. The day and night promises to be one of happy tears, laughter and ambitious dance moves. Though, what do you wear during all of these extraordinary moments if the invitation specifies no particular attire? 
If there isn't a preferred attire written, chances are that it is a semiformal dressy casual affair. As the years pass, weddings are leaning toward a more relaxed vibe. The special couple are in tune with their guests and want them to be as comfortable as possible while still maintaining the look of a formal event. Let’s be real - how ambitious can those dance moves really be if you can barely move? 
If you’re particularly nervous that you’re going to arrive either too dressed-up or too casual, be sure to check with a couple other guests who you know are attending as to what they are planning to wear. If you're close to the parents of the bride or groom, ask them. You will never bother anyone with a question that could potentially impact the look of the wedding day. Also, always be sure to take into consideration what the weather will be when you choose your fabric.

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