Lauren & Jake: Sophisticated Silver Grille Wedding

Thursday, June 10, 2010 2 comments
When I first spoke with Lauren back in March 2009, I knew we would hit it off right away.  I think our first conversation lasted over an hour, and half of that didn't even have to do with her wedding! 

They met back in 1998 while on their way to summer camp in Wisconsin.  Believe it or not, during that week, Jake told Lauren that someday they would get married.  And he was right!  Over the years, they kept in touch while each of them had their own relationships.  In 2006, she was living in New York City, he in Cleveland, and they both found themselves single.  While maintaining close contact through all those years, it didn't take long for Jake to become her boyfriend, and for Lauren to move to Cleveland!

The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Silver Grille in downtown Cleveland.  We designed the wedding around a sleek and sophisticated style, partially reminiscent of my favorite hotel while I was living in LA, the Viceroy in Santa Monica.  The decor and style there is absolutely fabulous and Lauren loved the pictures too, so we went for it!

Of course I enjoyed every minute of working with these two.  I always said that Lauren looks like Anne Hathaway.  What do you think?

The pictures below are provided courtesy of Easywind Studio, flowers and chuppah by Grande Designs, cakes by White Flower (stay tuned for the incredible groom's cake toward the end), service by Ritz Carlton Cleveland.

A sweet note from Lauren the week after her wedding:

When we first met you told me that it's the little subtle parts of a
wedding that people don't even know about that make all the difference
and that your job is to make all of those little things come together
into a perfect event.  That statement could not be more true!!  The
night was seamless and exceeded anything we could have ever imagined.
I can truly say it was the greatest day of my life and I owe much of
that to you.  I was able to completely relax knowing everything was
handled by you and your team and just enjoy celebrating with our
guests!  Now, looking back, it was the little things you did that made
all the difference.  How unexpected and amazing that the second we
were done dancing the horra, you were there with slippers for me and
my bridesmaids to change into!!!  I could go on and on about all
countless little things you did that made such an incredible
difference for me in this whole 17 month process, but I'm sure the
smiles plastered to our faces and the 100+ people on the dance floor
past midnight sum it all up.  Thanks for making me feel like I always
had someone on "my team" and helping my vision become a reality!  I
can't wait to get together and talk about it all... and of course see
the pictures!!!

Have a wonderful day and I'll see you in a couple weeks!!!

Pics that my team and I took:

I LOVE when I get to run the Jewish wedding rehearsals!
In case you didn't know, this is a scrapyard!  And yes, it is cake!

Congratulations Lauren and Jake!!!