Mary Kate + Tyler's Incredible Greenery & Floral-filled Moonlit Country Club Wedding

Wednesday, December 18, 2019 1 comment

Planning, Design and Coordination by Allison Miller of Kirkbrides

I was tickled to learn that Mary Kate would be getting married as I had the pleasure of working with her sister, Grace on one of my most favorite weddings! The family chose The Country Club with all of its beauty and grandeur and with a very light palette for the dining space guests were treated to three phases of the wedding reception. After dining, a surprise dessert display had been set up amidst the amazing wedding cake and then a curtain opened to reveal the dancing space which mimicked being outdoors, under the stars. An arbor filled to the brim with greenery hung above the dance floor with an English garden band hedge and vintage furniture. It was a feast for the eyes and each crevice of the club had been meticulously thought through and decorated. This wedding will go down in history as yet another of my very favorites!!

Ceremony Location: St. Mary’s Catholic Church of Hudson
 Reception Location: The Country Club

Cake, Desserts & Macaron Favors: Le Gateau Cakes
Bride's Dress: Monique Lhullier
Floral Décor: Blooms by Plantscaping
Hair: Barb Banko
Lighting: Rock the House
Makeup: Ashleigh Albertson
Photography: Genevieve Nisly
Rentals: Event Source
Transportation: Lakefront Lines; A1 Mr. Limo

Letter from the mother of the bride:
Good Morning Allison,
   I think I’m just about there recovery wise from Saturday. I slept 😴14 straight hours after my guests left on Sunday.
At least I’m clear enough in my head now to try to convey my gratitude for everything that you have done.
   Really, there are no words but I’ll try. Your kindness, calm personality, professionalism, energy, focus and attention to detail make you the amazing wedding planner that you are. You have been an incredible problem solver, an “arm chair psychologist” for an anxious mom, helpful in every way one could possibly imagine before the wedding and during...even helping me unbuckle my dress shoes!!!
I can never find all the adjectives I need to do justice to the layers upon layers of small & large items that you have helped me work through with regard to this wedding or the last.
   This was an enormously stressful year for me in a good way but stressful none the less. I now know what it is like to take a year to plan a wedding vs. six months. You told me almost 5 years ago that it is actually easier or less stressful to do it in six (like Grace’s wedding) than it is over a year or longer and you were so right!
 The end result of all your efforts and every person involved in the event hit the ball out of the park!  I wish I could thank every one of them. I also  wish I could  share all of what I heard from our guests & the comments that keep pouring in. My favorite....”You really showed your love for your daughter by what you did for her & her husband here today.”
   I think it takes a very special talent to be a wedding coordinator. You wear so many hats to different people along the journey. You are simply the best Allison, I can’t imagine how anyone could improve on you or what you do. All of the girls who worked that day as your assistants were wonderful and they are lucky to have you as a mentor. They truly were delightful & so helpful. Please tell them for me.
   Five years ago it was either you or Valarie who said that you can usually always tell when a good wedding planner has worked on a wedding. Comments like, “you left no stone unturned!”  or “ this wedding was done in exquisite detail!” That reflects on you and exactly what you were telling me years ago.
    I was happy to tell everyone I used a wedding planner and that I could NEVER have done this by myself because I couldn’t. I think some of the funniest comments came from some of Mary Kate’s bridesmaids. Two of them said,” Mrs. Kesic can you please help plan our weddings!” Cute....if they only knew the real forces behind what they experienced on Saturday!!!  I told them though, what you see is my wedding planner at work and a team of very talented people that work with her.

   The wedding card house was a huge hit...people absolutely loved it! Many of the girls also loved the memorial table, some saying they wished they had done something like it when they got married,  others saying they plan to do it when they do get married!
   Everyone thought the venue, the views, the food & the weather was spectacular! We were surely blessed with the weather!!!
   So this moment is indeed bittersweet Allison. I am all out of daughters ( thankfully😉) and I know our paths will not intersect again on this level. I do hope I will see you again but most importantly I need you to know you were everything I could have hoped for with both my children as a wedding planner.
I will miss you, I will never forget you and I hope that if you think of me and the time we spent doing these weddings together that your memories will be fond ones!

All the best!

Jennifer and Warren's Kate Spade Inspired Summer Wedding

Friday, December 13, 2019 1 comment

Planning, Design and Coordination by Katie Foulds Hopkins of Kirkbrides

Ceremony and Reception Location: The Union Club
Cake/Desserts and Dessert Display: Luna Bakery
Ceremony Music: Cleveland Music Group
Cocktail Hour Music: Pianist through Cleveland Music Group
DJ/Lighting: TKO Entertainment
Floral Décor: Blooms by Plantscaping
Hair: Barb Banko
Linens/Rentals: Event Source
Makeup: Jason Kelly 
Officiant: Cantor Laurel Barr 
Photography: Emily Millay 
Transportation: A1 Mr. Limo

Review from the bride:
My Wedding was Aug 10 and it was stunning and flawless. Katie Foulds planned our wedding in 6 months. She took my vision and ran with it. She put me in touch with the vendors that she believed could give me what I wanted and she couldn't have done a better job. I knew nothing about event planning, let alone a wedding. Honestly, with the help I received from Katie and Kirkbrides I didn't need to. Katie had timelines, templates and guided me through what needed to be done. Our wedding was not a traditional wedding and there were a few challenges we threw her way and it was as if they weren't challenges at all. She offered choices based on our budget, wedding vision and venue. She organized all the meetings with Vendors and ensured that everyone knew what needed to take place and at what time. The day of our wedding was FLAWLESS. I mean that sincerely. There was not one delay, our itinerary was followed, everyone knew what they were supposed to and where they were supposed to be. If there was a problem with anything, I never knew about it. The Kirkbrides team handled guest questions, helped my family and most of all helped me enjoy the best day of my life. It truly was. It was beautiful and I know it was because of Katie and the Kirkbrides team. I have been to two other weddings were Kirkbrides coordinated and they were just as beautiful and ran just as smooth. They did not disappointment me! Thank you Kirkbrides and Katie!