Jill & Joe's Stunning Union Club Wedding

Thursday, May 3, 2012 1 comment

Pictures courtesy of Lindsey Beckwith Photography

I started working with Jill only in April, about 7 months before her November 4 wedding to Joe.  The Kirkbrides team had worked with her fiance Joe on his daughter's wedding just a year and a half earlier so it was a great match!

Jill and I worked on creating the ULTIMATE event of class and sophistication.  Our reception was held at the incomparable Union Club in downtown Cleveland, with guest accommodations (and a Blue Bar afterparty) right across the street at the Wyndham Hotel.  We surprised Joe with his favorite local band, The Chozen Few, led by JT Krohe.  He didn't know they were there until he and Jill were announced at the reception as man and wife!

Our stunning floral arrangements were created by Arne and team at Blooms by Plantscaping and our scrumptious dessert bar featuring large gourmet cut to order cakes, tartlets and assorted sweets was crafted by Bridget and team at Luna Bakery!  Our custom stationery came from Maria at Sobella Paper Boutique.

Guests were sent off at the end of the night with a large bag full of goodies including specialty coffee and tea, a Wall Street Journal newspaper and individually wrapped apple cakes baked from Jill's family recipe.

What a fabulous wedding to be a part of.  Congratulations to Jill and Joe!  We wish you many years of love, laughter and happiness! 

A note from Jill from her honeymoon:
Hi Valarie,
I hope you are recovered from Friday's festivities! Joe and I are working on R&R ourselves, sitting on our patio on the beach waiting for breakfast...
it's beautiful here in Anguilla.
I just wanted to write and say thank you for everything you and your team did leading up to and including the wedding. Joe and I had a wonderful time, because everything looked and tasted great and went so smoothly, and all of our friends and family agree, at least those who could speak thru their hangovers on Saturday. I know it takes a lot of effort and planning to make a party like that come off, and I also know I wasn't nearly as helpful (or timely) as I should have been, so I appreciate all the more how things turned out.
I feel bad the day rushed by so fast, I keep trying to grab on to memories, and there are so many guests I hardly got to talk to...let alone say a proper goodbye to Lindsey and you when you left - so please excuse me for that. What can I say? I was having too much fun!
In any case, I will follow-up in more detail with you, Scott, Arne, Lindsey and Maria when I get back. If Scott is still speaking to me - I think the party got a little obnoxious at the end, so I hope I don't have any bad guest behavior to account for. Ditto at the Wyndham!
So, again, a million thanks. Please email me if there are any loose ends that need immediate attention, and enjoy the rest of your year. Personally, I think you ended your wedding season on a high note!
Jill (and Joe too)
PS Joe LOVED having JT and The Chosen Few there, the surprise worked, and he got a huge kick out of the golf ball I Heart U - thanks for that!

Pictures courtesy of Lindsey Beckwith Photography