Specialty Wedding Drinks

Thursday, April 17, 2008
I just love this aspect of the wedding! You can tie in your theme with a decorative drink that believe it or not, guests actually order and love! They look great in the pictures too.

I found this helpful website where you can explore different drink ideas based on color and theme. The company is called Stirrings: www.stirrings.com

At one of my weddings this summer, we will be serving a Red Rose martini, complete with edible rose petals!

At another wedding with a "Traditions" theme (both families have always observed many traditions), we are serving a drink that was served at generations of the bride's family weddings: Bellinis! The cocktail and bar area will be designed after the origin location of the drink, Harry's Bar in Venice Italy.


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Sri said...

Great,i am in love your wedding ideas Everything look so pretty,perfect wedding drinks.