Fall in Love

Monday, December 8, 2008
Rachael's close friend Sara was recently engaged and there was a party being held in her and her fiance's honor. Joe, a coworker of Sara, was convinced by some mutual friends and co-workers to attend. As soon as Joe and Rachael were introduced she knew he was fun and outgoing and had a great personality. She could tell right away he was someone she would want to hang out with.

Later in the night as the party started to wind down, Joe left with the group of friends he had come with. Rachael's interest was sparked and she mentioned it to Sara. Sara too saw the potential and put the wheels in motion, so to speak. She and her co-workers put on their matchmaking hats. Eventually Joe and Rachael were arranging their first "date." They had a BLAST, and it was one of those first dates that you just can't stop thinking about, talking about.... It was perfect. The first date led to a second, which led to a third... and on and on. The rest, as they say, is history.

These beautiful pictures were sent to me courtesy of Corey at Corey Ann photography!

Rachael came to me in early 2008 for help with her wedding. We didn't want to wait until 2009 so we planned a "Fall in Love" themed event for October 4. We had so much fun working together, even though we spend way too much time chatting about nonsense!

Joe gave the nicest speech I have ever seen a groom give at a wedding, speaking directly to Rachael's parents to tell them, "I promise you that I will do everything I can to take care of Rachael for the rest of our lives"...or something similar to that. It truly brought tears to my eyes!

Congratulations Rachael and Joe!!!

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