Bride Wars

Saturday, January 24, 2009
I'm a big fan of feminine, mindless romantic comedies. I love seeing them in the movie theater - such a great way to escape from the world for 90 minutes or so! Last week I went to see Bride Wars with my matron of honor. I thought it was hilarious and for about the first half of the movie I found myself laughing and personally relating to almost every line.

I LOVED the part where Kate Hudson's character is at the stationery store with her fiance shopping for save the dates, and she gets mad because they have been there for hours, she still hasn't picked anything and he doesn't care which one they pick. That is so classic!

Some of my favorite quotes:
"Your wedding better watch it."
"Your wedding is going to be huge...just like your ass at prom."
"Your wedding can suck it."

Spoiler alert: (if you haven't seen the movie stop reading this post now!)

Since they end the movie with both of the brides being pregnant, I wonder if there will be a "Pregnant Wars" sometime next year! Funny ending, since my MOH is 8 months pregnant! I only hope that I will look like her when I am pregnant...still her skinny little body, it just looks like she stuffed two basketballs into her sweater.

Loved Bride Wars and can't wait to see it again!

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