Annie Weds JP: February 7

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Way back when VHS tapes were first introduced, Bruce Springsteen released Born to Run, and gas was only 44 cents/gallon, a blonde haired, green eyed girl named Andrea was born in Akron, Ohio. Three months later and more than 8,000 miles away, when India was in the grips of an emergency, an adorable baby boy named Jayaprakash (JP) was born in Mumbai, India. They may have grown up halfway around the world from each other, but shared many similarities like going to Catholic school, a love of reading, rocking out to Bon Jovi, and watching videos on MTV. As fate would have it, they both got jobs at the same company a few years after graduating from college - Annie in Cincinnati, Ohio and JP in Hyderabad, India.

They ended up working together a couple of years ago on a project in Jacksonville, Florida. After one very long day at work, Annie invited JP out to dinner with a group of team members. JP slung his backpack over his shoulder, said “no thanks”, and strolled nonchalantly out of the conference room. Annie didn't know that he was heading home to work the rest of the night, so all she could think was what a nerd JP must be to pass up a fun evening out with friends! Annie never invited him out again after that. Six months later, they both happened to attend a co-worker’s birthday dinner and had a great time together. Soon, they were inseparable…

JP wooed Annie with homemade tea after work and dinners cooked from scratch. Soon, they fell in love! They spent a whirlwind week in Paris last Summer, JP met Annie’s family last Fall. They traveled to India this past Spring to work for a few weeks, see the sights, and to most importantly meet JP's family.

Towards the end of their trip in India, they went to a romantic little resort in Kumarakom. On April 19, 2008 JP chartered a speed boat so they could explore the surrounding lakes and the famous Kumarakom backwaters. Just before heading back to the resort, JP proposed! And of course, Annie said yes!!!

Shortly after that, Annie got in touch with ME to start planning her wedding! We found an amazing venue, developed out a theme and booked awesome vendors very suited to their personality. Halfway through the planning, JP came into town to help us! Annie, JP and Pat (Annie's mom) were just some of the nicest clients I have ever worked with! Annie is such an endearing person because she is so real, she's funny and very loving with everyone in her life.
Many thanks goes to Scott and Julie at Easywind Studio for these awesome and colorful pictures!

This winter wonderland, indian influenced and romance wedding was one of THE most BEAUTIFUL weddings I have ever seen. Congratulations Annie & JP! I hope to keep in touch and see you sometime when you're back in Ohio!

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