Our Intern's First Wedding

Monday, April 12, 2010
Lyndsey started her internship program with Kirkbrides in February and this weekend was her first wedding!

Here is her write-up of the day:

When the week of my first wedding approached, I didn’t know what to expect. I was anxious, excited, and nervous all in one. I was worried I wouldn’t know what to do, or how to help without always having to ask. But I was determined to help in whatever way needed. After reviewing the itinerary countless times, I felt only partially prepared. When I expressed my feelings to Valarie, I finally felt some relaxation. She told me that the reason she is good at her job is because she has made mistakes in the past and has made a point to learn from them for the future. When I heard this I felt I could finally face not only the couples “big day” but mine as well.

When we first arrived on location that day and I met up with Valarie, she made me feel relaxed and calm. It was not at all the stressful and hectic morning I had anticipated. She had time to explain things to me as we did them, and I took mental notes all day. I learned that even when there are other coordinators involved, that our job is not only to check our work, but to double check theirs. Going over the small details like making sure the right number of chairs are at each table, or the right tables are in cocktail hour.

Throughout the whole day I saw how helpful Valarie was to not only her clients, but to their friends and family as well. She made sure everyone was comfortable and taken care of. When a hoard of hungry groomsmen came to her for help, she simply handed over a bag of granola bars, and I saw how handy her emergency kits could be. Although there were only a few minor hiccups, Valarie made sure that they were never brought up to the clients and were solved quickly and seamlessly. At one point the bride told Valarie what a perfect day she was having, that her phone hadn’t even rung once. I’m sure every bride could only wish for a morning like that.

So what did I learn in one day? I learned that going the extra mile really makes a huge difference. Bringing kits along to make sure that every person in or at the wedding feels comfortable. That providing guests with bathroom baskets in the bathrooms filled with things they need, will inevitably get back to very happy clients. I learned to do everything with a smile, because you never know who you’re interacting with. I also learned how important it was to constantly make sure the clients had everything they needed. Whether it be a drink, snacks, a compliment, or a hug. They rely on us to not only make sure their day is flawless, but to be a friend. I learned so much in one day, that I can hardly wait for the next wedding. I’m sure every wedding will have something new to teach me, and I’m more than willing to learn.

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