Vintage Summer Garden Wedding

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where do I begin with this vivacious young couple?! Celia and Keith are such an energetic and adventurous couple. Celia "rode in" on Keith's back for their entrance and our friends at The DJ Crew commented it was the best dancing they had witnessed. The dance floor was packed at dinner! The floors were actually shaking from the crowd of dancers that filled the room. It was a blast! When I look at these wonderful pictures from Keels Photography I just have to smile every time. There was such happiness surrounding this day!

With lots of life planning going on during their wedding planning, they had a lot to contend with but the planning process went very smoothly and we had a lot of fun! Celia and Keith are two very easy going people who went with the flow and always had a smile on their faces. We chose the gorgeous Ritz Carlton ballroom for their wedding reception with a ceremony in the Grand Foyer of Severance Hall. Everything about this wedding was opulent! Celia and her mom, Jane had a beautiful color palatte in mind from the start: tiffany blue, fuschia and yellow. I was so happy to see yet another couple not afraid of color! Their candy bar was also fuschia and yellow. I thought it was just breathtaking. Keith's grandmother also made dozens and dozens of delectable cookies for the guests. It was quite a sight. One of my most favorite moments is when Celia and her A Capella group sang to Keith upon my urging at a meeting months before. It was such a sweet expresssion of her love for him.

I had a wonderful time with this lovely couple. Celia gave me the sweetest gift that I have ever gotten. She handmade me a beautiful quilt. It was so touching! I will treasure it always. Here is a wonderful note she wrote me:

Dear Allison,

You have been a phenomenal wedding planner for us! We could have never planned anything as close to how wonderful this wedding is going to be. You always had a thoughtful answer to our questions, and you gave us fabulous suggestions and ideas about the things we were clueless about. Thank you so much for putting so much time in to making our wedding perfect! I know you've been busy every week with weddings and planning for the past few months but you always made me feel like a priority and gave me your time and patience. We appreciate everything you've done for us and we will definitely recommend you to our friends in the future!

Thank you,

Celia, Keith and Jane


Valarie said...

LOVE her pink peony bouquet! Many brides' DREAM bouquet, including ine.

Allison said...

Peonies are my fave!