Christie & Steve: A Wedding for Rocket Scientists at the Union Club

Friday, April 27, 2012
When Christie and Steve first contacted me in the summer of 2010, they were not sure where to begin with the wedding plans.  Christie called me the very next day and said as soon as our meeting ended and I left, she turned to Steve and said, "Can we keep her?".  I love that reaction!  

These two are quite the "smarty pants" couple.  They are both rocket scientists.  Yep!  They are.  So they met working at NASA and of course once I heard that, we had to incorporate elements of space and astronomy into the wedding!  Also, they were so excited that their desired date of 9/10/11 was available at the Union Club!  We did not want to compromise a classic wedding feel though, so as you can see in the pictures of the wedding below provided by Marisan Photography,
it still looked very beautiful and sophisticated.  We used names of planets and stars throughout the ballroom, had a Blue Moon specialty drink, projected a star maze with lighting throughout the room, and used the iridescent blue crush linens on the guest tables!  The candy table featured all blue candies including blue chocolate stars.  Our menus by Clearly You had star shapes cut into them to let the blue background show through, and our cake was quite the "astronomy feel" with all of those hundreds of tiny beadwork done by Bridget at Luna!

Christie and Steve's wedding ceremony was held at St. John's Cathedral.  Their wedding reception was at the Union Club in downtown Cleveland.  Our floral was provided by Grande Designs and cake by Luna Bakery!

Congrats to Christie and Steve, and thank you so much for involving me in your plans.  It was a BLAST working with you!!! :)

{Pictures provided courtesy of Marisan Photography}
The fabulous Barb Banko at work on one of the bridesmaids' hair!
The equally fabulous Karen Siat working on the bride's makeup.

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