Rock your Prom: Chardon Prom 2012

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chardon Prom VIDEO - Rock Your Prom Winners - KISS FM & ROCK THE HOUSE from RTH Multimedia on Vimeo.

We are typically too busy with weddings to get involved in other types of parties.  If you follow our social media posts, you probably know by now that we are good friends with the people over at Rock the House Entertainment, who do a wide variety of events!

In Winter 2011/2012, they had organized a "Rock Your Prom" contest with KISS FM where everyone can vote for a school to win a $5,000 prom package including awesome radio DJs, lighting and entertainment.  Chardon High School was overwhelmingly voted as the winners of this contest.  After the awful tragedy that struck their school on 2/27/12, many local people felt that they wanted to step it up a notch and give the kids the most awesome prom ever.  In a matter of days and weeks, the prom moved from it's regular party hall location to none other than the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum!  17 other local event vendors donated services and time and joined the Rock the House/KISS FM team for this unforgettable May 5, 2012 prom!

Not only was the prom beautiful and at an AWESOME venue, Cobra Starship flew in and performed!  (The first time I heard their current hit song #1 Nite was while they were rehearsing at the Rock Hall before the guests arrived, while we were setting up centerpieces!)

Our team enjoyed coordinating the design including the centerpieces, linens, chairs and table setup in some planning meetings leading up to the prom.  We worked with the theme the students came up with which was "Party like there's no To-maya", using the "hot" color spectrum.  There were 700 guests seated all over the museum on 3 levels, so one could say there was a bit of organizing to be done!  We also spent time that day setting everything up and got to see the looks on the kids' faces when they walked into their prom.  Amazing!

We were so happy to be a part of this awesome event and see how happy it made the students and teachers to be able to celebrate a monumental experience in this way.

Thank you to Matt Radicelli, the ringleader, at Rock the House for including us in the day!
Below are some pictures provided to us by RTH.

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