Letter from Brittney

Thursday, September 24, 2009
I worked with Brittney for 21 months to plan her September 6, 2009 wedding. She and I really hit it off and planned a GORGEOUS wedding. The day was flawless and I can't wait to post pictures. She was nice enough to send me this e-mail this week and I wanted to post it in the meantime. Thank you so much Brittney and congrats to you and Dave!!

"Brittney xxxx"
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So Dave and I got back last Tuesday...Aruba was amazing. So relaxing, just what we needed. I just saw the slideshow on Scotts blog....absolutely amazing. I might start crying at work!

I've been meaning to write you since we got back, but its taken a while for me to get my thoughts together about how wonderful that day was. I would just love to do the entire day over and over again, and a lot of that is because of you. You made the entire planning process not only easy but so much fun. I didn't have my close family and friends out here with me, but in you I always felt like I had a friend and supporter through everything, someone who was really looking out for me. I love every single one of the vendors we used, your recommendations and relationships with them made our day possible.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, you thought of things and did things for me that I would have never even known to do, and left me with the time to do my fun little projects (water bottles haha)! I could enjoy those last few days knowing you and your team had everything under control. Our entire wedding party and family said that was the best rehearsal they had ever been to!

The day of the wedding, I had absolutely no worries, I knew you and your team could handle everything. You gave a controlling, type A personality girl the best gift ever, piece of mind that I could just enjoy the day and be a bride. I can not thank you enough for that. I feel like I truely enjoyed my day and didn't miss a single thing, because you were there. The gardens and the reception room took my breathe away. The colors, flowers, menu's, and all the other little details were stunning, and beyond my wildest dreams. I am just in love with how all of that turned out. We have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful the room was, and still hear about it all the time! So many people told us it was one of the best weddings they have ever been to.

I really could not have done all of this without you. I tell everyone I know how much of an asset you were, and Daves parents are now convinced that when his sister Lisa gets married, they should get a planner (and you know who I'm going to recommend!) I feel truely honored that I got to work with you and have absolutely no regrets about how anything turned out, all thanks to you and the team. I cannot thank you and them enough! We love you guys!

Love always,

Brittney and Dave

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