Melissa and John: September 12

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I had the pleasure of helping Melissa and John plan their September 12, 2009 wedding in Cleveland for 14 months. They hired Kirkbrides mostly for our unique location expertise and also because they live in Hoboken, New Jersey so the distance made their planning a challenge. Melissa was a referral from Marie and Matt, from August 2007! It's so nice to see our work coming around for friends of past clients getting married. And it was also wonderful to see Marie and Matt at the wedding!

We lucked out because we got to share the tent and some of the rentals with the wedding I had at the same location the very next weekend! (see Nora and Chris, below) So that helped us on the cost a bit!

Below are the awesome pictures from Mark Davidson, our photographer for the day. I love his take on the day, so unique.

A note from Melissa:
Thank you
Wednesday, November 4, 2009 10:29 AM

"Melissa xxx"
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"Valarie Kirkbride"

Dear Valarie and Team,

Hope you're all doing very well. Sorry we have taken so long to write this, but we just wanted to drop a line to express our gratitude for your wedding planning services. Our September 12, 2009 wedding was the perfect day. It was the wedding I have always pictured in my mind, and thank you so much for helping us to bring it to fruition. Thank you for helping me make all of the difficult but pertinent decisions in the planning process. Being a very indecisive person, your direction was imperative! The food, decor, and setting fit our personalities so perfectly. I even received a few "That was the best wedding I have ever been to" and "That was the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen." Though I am sure those compliments were mere flattery, in my mind, they are true. We now have the BEST memory! Thank you.

Since there was absolutely nothing for me to keep track of or worry about during the course of our day, we had the rare opportunity of having fun at our own wedding. Unfortunately, I was so busy having way too much fun that I lost my veil. I was so excited when it turned up in my mail a few weeks later! It was so nice of you to go to the extra trouble of (well, finding it in the first place) mailing it. It was such a nice surprise!

We hope you'll all get a chance to relax a bit now that the wedding season is coming to a close! Keep in touch!

Kindest regards,

Melissa and John

Some pictures taken by me and my team. The sunset was just too amazing to resist taking a few of our own. You can't buy or rent the sunset anywhere! Definitely a highlight of the wedding. Congratulations Melissa and John!

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