Purple Garden at Legacy Village: Lindsey & Curt

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lindsey was one of our first few brides to book for her 2010 wedding. What a small world because it turns out I went to high school with Curt! Anyway, flowers were very important to Lindsey as you will see in the following pictures. The pictures, by the way, are stunning and were taken by the talented team at Visualizations Photography. I was so excited to create a relationship here and can't wait to work with their detail-oriented photographers more in the future!

The entire Kirkbrides team played a role in this wedding. Rachael took on most of the planning while I (Valarie) secured the fine tune details in the months leading up to the wedding, while Maura and two of our assistants, Lyndsey and Diane, took care of the coordination on the wedding day. The bride Lindsey and groom Curt got married on June 12, which was our busiest wedding day to date, with 3 going on all at once all around Cleveland! I knew that working at First Baptist Church again and with Karen at Sammy's, we were in very good hands. All floral and lanterns were designed and serviced by our buddies at Grande Designs.

Here is a note from mother of the bride:

Hi Valerie, The wedding and reception was absolutely perfect. The flowers were so gorgeous. Bernie is amazing. I wish he was doing Abby's wedding. Maura was adorable. So very helpful.

Sammy's food was so good and the workers were so efficient. And it didn/t rain!!!!!!!!!!!! So thank you for making our Lindsey's wedding day a perfect one. We didn't have to worry about a thing. I will take care of the violinist's check. I have to say I wish we'd had him play for
3 hours instead of 2. He was fantastic!!!!!!!!! I just loved him. You
should recommend him sometime. I wish I had him for Abby's. Thanks again
for everything. Kristen

Congratulations Lindsey and Curt! We look forward to seeing you again at your sister's wedding in Pittsburgh in September!

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WeddObsessed said...

Awesome wedding! Every detail looked amazing!